Pet Cremation Products

When a pet dies, we look for ways to preserve our memories of the times we spent together. Nothing helps us connect to past joys like physical objects - a chewed up frisbee, an old picture, a favorite blanket. These items remind us of how special our time with a beloved pet truly was.

As a service to our clients, we offer a number of products to commemorate the pet that you have lost. From decorative urns to beautiful keepsakes, these products will continue to remind you of the happy memories you and your pet have shared.

Pet Cremation Urns

We offer a wide selection of decorative urns for your pet’s cremated remains. Our urns differ in the design and in the materials used. We have several materials to choose from, including: fiberboard, hardwood, metal, marble, composites, and biodegradable.

We also offer urns with an available space for a picture of your pet.

Pet Keepsakes

We also offer a number of keepsakes to memorialize your cremated pet, including jewelry and our newest addition to the product line, Memories in Glass, which allow you to preserve your pet’s cremated remains in a globe made of glass.

Pet Headstones and Pet Grave Markers

If you decide to bury your pet’s cremated remains or if you want a place to remember them, we also carry a line of pet headstones and pet grave markers.

Some headstones have a chamber built in to store your pet’s cremated remains.

To find out more about the products we offer, please contact us.