Pet Cremation Services

Our mission at Evergreen Pet Cremation is to make the pet cremation process as worry-free as possible, leaving you and your family time to celebrate the memory of your deceased pet.

Families have the right to stay in the cremation center to witness the cremation process, if arranged in advanced.

Transportation to the Facility

As a courtesy to you, we offer several transportation options for your deceased pet. Often times, we pick up pets at veterinary offices, but we also provide transportation from the family home to the crematory.

You are also free to bring your pet to our facility yourself, and we can help you unload, if necessary.

The Pet Cremation Process

The entire pet cremation process takes 2-4 hours, depending on the size and weight of your pet. We are usually able to carry out the entire cremation service and return the cremated remains in about 72 hours. In some circumstances, we are able to complete the process in 24 hours.

Cremation at Evergreen Pet Cremation is provided in two ways:

  • Private Cremation - Private cremations are for families that want their pet’s remains returned to them after cremation. To ensure the remains you receive are in fact your pet’s remains, we affix a stainless steel identification tag that stays with your pet through the entire cremation process.
  • Non-private Cremation - Non-private cremations are for families that do not want their pet’s remains returned after the cremation is carried out. We can arrange to have your pet’s remains scattered in our rain garden surrounding the facility, in the waters of Puget Sound, or in some other suitable location.

Please contact us to learn more about the care and dignity your pet will receive at Evergreen Pet Cremation.